FetchXML Builder WebAPI Support

MSDyn365 MVP Jonas Rapp threw down a challenge on Twitter last week:

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Diagnosing Azure Batch Pool Scaling Timeout

As I wrote about recently, I’ve started using Azure Batch to run OpenAPS Autotune jobs for AutotuneWeb. The other day however, I started a job of my own and got a notification that my job was 48th in the queue. Either the service has suddenly got really popular, or something’s gone wrong.

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Autotuning Diabetes Settings in the Cloud: Part 1

Three years ago our first son was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes (T1D). Over the next few months we quickly got used to the process of calculating the amount of insulin required for meals and high blood sugar, and adjusting those calculations on a trial-and-error basis. As a software developer I felt sure there should be a better way.

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