I’m pleased to announce the release of version 4.0.0 of SQL 4 CDS. This release introduces SQL 4 CDS – SSMS Edition, bringing many of the SQL 4 CDS features directly into SQL Server Management Studio! If you’re using the TDS endpoint this plugin expands your options directly in SSMS without having to switch to XrmToolBox.

XrmToolBox Download the XrmToolBox tool

Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Download the SSMS plugin

Although the TDS endpoint gives you flexibility to run more complex SELECT queries than SQL 4 CDS can convert to FetchXML, it does not support DML queries such as INSERT, UPDATE or DELETE.

With the new SQL 4 CDS – SSMS Edition you can now write & run those queries in exactly the same way. The TDS endpoint will still run SELECT queries, but SQL 4 CDS will handle the INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE queries.

Converting Queries

Turn on the SQL 4 CDS toolbar in SSMS by right-clicking on the visible toolbars and selecting the SQL 4 CDS option.

When you have a SQL query window connected to a Dataverse instance the FetchXML button converts your selected query to FetchXML, or open an XML document and select a Dataverse instance in Object Explorer and click the SQL button to convert it back to SQL.

Installing the SSMS plugin

The installer is available to download from the GitHub releases page. When you run the installer you may receive a SmartScreen page:

SOLVED] Windows Defender SmartScreen prevented an unrecognized app error

Click the “More info” link, then “Run anyway”. Windows displays this error because as a new app it hasn’t been installed enough times to gain the reputation to bypass this.

As my first foray into SSMS plugins, please do let me know if you encounter any problems!

6 thoughts on “SQL 4 CDS 4.0.0 Released”

  1. I am having an issue with the new update. After installing XRMToolbox throws a not valid base 64 string error. Uninstalling the plugin fixes it.

      1. I did more testing. I am on the latest. The steps when I was reproducing to locate the issue won’t reproduce on your app. I think it’s an issue with the latest version of XrmToolBox when you change the icon size from large to small in the XrmToolBox setttings. I don’t think it’s your app now. I have been doing a handful of tests and appreciate you responding and testing on your side. I opened an issue on GitHub for XrmToolBox.

  2. Hi Mark,

    With the XrmToolBox tool I’ve been using it as a quick way to add users into a team, the following statement used to work
    insert into teammembership (systemuserid, teamid)
    values (
    CREATELOOKUP(‘systemuser’, ‘e76a6bf5-655a-eb11-bb25-00224801c8ab’),
    CREATELOOKUP(‘team’, ‘e9ae85aa-3eba-ea11-a812-00224801ce17’)
    but now I get the following error (I’ve tried it in version 4.0 and 3.1)
    Column cannot be set on INSERT: systemuserid

    Also, one to put on the wish list, I’m forever pressing the CTRL+E SSMS keyboard shortcut to execute a query and it just inserts an ENQ character.


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