SQL 4 CDS 2.1.0 – the T-SQL edition

Since I’ve been doing some investigation into the new preview T-SQL endpoint for CDS recently, I’ve decided to integrate it into SQL 4 CDS. Update to 2.1.0 to get: Enable/Disable T-SQL Endpoint The current official way to enable or disable the T-SQL endpoint is rather awkward, and doesn’t seem to work for me (though it […]

CDS T-SQL Endpoint pt 8 – Security

The security model is a key advantage of CDS over alternatives such as Sharepoint or SQL. Data is one of any organisation’s most precious assets, and the built-in ability to restrict access to records based on ownership, sharing, teams, hierarchy and even per-field makes this an incredibly powerful feature. All these security options take effect […]

CDS T-SQL endpoint pt 5 – EntityFramework / ORM

Now I can reliably connect to the CDS T-SQL endpoint and execute queries against it, I want to get the data into some objects for me to use. I currently use EntityFramework and Dapper for this in other projects, so I’ll take a look at those two. Entity Framework Update 2020-05-24: Microsoft have confirmed that […]