Creating a bot pt. 8 – Handling Replies

Now we’ve got our bot sending out notifications, we want to be able to handle a reply from the user and add it back into D365 as a new post.

The adaptive card notification lets the user reply via an embedded form. This makes it nice and neat. When the user fills in this form and clicks Reply, three bits of information are sent back to the bot:

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Dynamic Form Selection

Occasionally we might have an entity with multiple “types” of some sort, and each type needs a different form to show the details.

Luckily we have the formSelector API to do this. Taking a simple example where the name of the form to show is stored directly in an attribute you can use a script like this to automatically switch the form as the record is opened or when the attribute is changed:

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Creating a bot pt. 5 – Getting notifications from D365

Now we’ve got the infrastructure sorted for the bot talking to Teams and getting it installed for users, we need to start letting it know when something interesting happens in D365 so the bot can send messages out to users. Enter the WebHook.

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Creating a bot pt. 3 – Adding Users

Last time I proved I could send a proactive message to myself, but I needed my user ID that I could only get after I’d started a conversation with the bot. For my real-life scenario I need to be able to push notifications to users that haven’t interacted with my bot before.

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Creating a bot pt. 2 – Proactive Messages

The key thing I want to do with my bot is to push messages out to users when something happens in D365, not just in response to the user sending a message to the bot. This was the part I was unsure of, but a bit of searching gives me the key phrase Proactive Messages. Apparently this is what I need to implement.

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Creating a bot pt. 1 – Getting Started

Before I make any progress with the real logic of my new bot, I need to get the basics set up.

I first need to create a simple bot and be able to interact with it from Teams. This is where the whole Azure Bot Framework really shines – I need to know just about nothing about all these different moving parts to get started.

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