MSDyn365 Internals: Async Record Merging

Matt Beard & I spent some time investigating the new asynchronous merging functionality today and how it impacts Data8 Duplicare (it doesn’t, Duplicare continues to work as normal). If you haven’t seen this already, when you merge two records you’ll now see the message: The selected records will be merged in the background while you […]

MSDyn365 Internals: Merge Permissions

The ability to merge records is a powerful one in keeping control of your data quality within PowerApps / D365. It can also be deceptively complex. As we’ve been living & breathing this area of the platform for several years during the development of data8 duplicare, we’ve seen a lot of unexpected things show up […]

MSDyn365 Internals: Plugin Execution Depth and v9

If you’ve been working with plugins in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for a while, you’ve probably come across the IExecutionContext.Depth property. This tells your plugin how deep in a call stack of plugins it is. A depth of 1 means it is being triggered by a direct user action, e.g. updating a record. If that plugin […]