SQL 4 CDS 2.3.0 Released!

I’m pleased to release the latest update for SQL 4 CDS today! For this update I’ve focused on common problems I’ve seen people encounter with their queries from my telemetry. These updates should either mean that more queries can be executed immediately, or the error message is more descriptive to help solve common errors.

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MSDyn365 Internals: Async Record Merging

Matt Beard & I spent some time investigating the new asynchronous merging functionality today and how it impacts Data8 Duplicare (it doesn’t, Duplicare continues to work as normal). If you haven’t seen this already, when you merge two records you’ll now see the message:

The selected records will be merged in the background while you work. For additional information, see Asynchronous Processing of Cascading Transactions.
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MSDyn365 Internals: T-SQL Endpoint

Disclaimer: the details in this post are based on the best guesses I’ve been able to make about how this works, which are derived from the behaviour I’ve seen while using it. I don’t have any official information on any of this, so use at your own risk!

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PCF Dataset Control – Lookup Values

After getting over my initial authentication problems, my next adventure with PCF was to show some details from a lookup field in a dataset-bound control.

With a dataset control, the manifest file can contain mappings for the attributes in the dataset that will be shown in the control, e.g.

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PCF NuGet authentication error

After working with PCF during the initial private preview, I haven’t had a chance to use it in anger. Until today. And it didn’t go smoothly.

It started well. I installed the CLI tooling, got a new template control ready to go with pac pcf init and connected to CDS with pac auth create. Next I tried to publish the control with pac pcf push when it failed.

The build log indicated a 401 Unauthorized error with an internal NuGet feed.

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