CDS T-SQL Endpoint pt 7 – Extensibility

One of the aspects of the CDS platform I’ve liked since Dynamics CRM 4.0 is the extensibility options – the ability to add plugins into the core of the engine so that your custom code will be executed however someone is using it, whether through the standard UI, portals, external SDK app etc.

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CDS T-SQL Endpoint pt 6 – Aggregates

One of the things that is very frustrating when trying to do any sort of analysis of data in CDS is the fetch aggregate limit. If you haven’t come across this before, this is a hard limit of 50,000 records that it will process when trying to calculate aggregate values such as sum, count etc. If you try to run a query in FetchXML Builder for example that needs to process more than 50k records you’ll get an “AggregateQueryRecordLimit exceeded” error.

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CDS T-SQL endpoint pt 5 – EntityFramework / ORM

Now I can reliably connect to the CDS T-SQL endpoint and execute queries against it, I want to get the data into some objects for me to use. I currently use EntityFramework and Dapper for this in other projects, so I’ll take a look at those two.

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CDS T-SQL endpoint pt 4 – Performance

A common question I’ve seen so far about the new CDS T-SQL endpoint is how it compares performance-wise to using FetchXML. After all, FetchXML is “native” to CDS while T-SQL might be viewed as the johnny-come-lately compatibility layer, so it’s going to be slower, right?

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CDS T-SQL endpoint pt 3 – SqlClient

As a developer, the first thing I want to do with any new tool is try and integrate or extend it with my own code. This is always one of the real benefits of CDS and the Power Platform for me, as it’s so much more open to extensibility than others I could mention. Adding a T-SQL endpoint should just make this much wider.

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CDS T-SQL endpoint pt 2 – First Thoughts

Let me just say, this thing is going to be great. It’s the biggest advancement in the platform for some years, and I don’t think any competitor will come close.

However, it is a preview feature, and it does have some issues. Hopefully some of these at least will get looked at before it goes GA.

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SQL 4 CDS 2.0.0 released!

I’m very pleased to release version 2.0.0 of my SQL 4 CDS tool today!

If you haven’t come across it before, SQL 4 CDS is an XrmToolBox tool to query and manipulate your CDS data using regular SQL queries, making it accessible to a much wider range of users. You can install it today from the XrmToolBox Tool Library.

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Inside FetchXML pt 10 – link-entity (again)

A follow-up on my previous post on link-entity, prompted by this tweet from Daryl LaBar:

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