Blood Glucose Alerts with Microsoft Flow and Nightscout

As my son has Type 1 Diabetes (T1D), we use Nightscout to keep track of his blood glucose levels. With T1D it’s important to keep those levels in quite a tight range, so we use a few different apps to alert us when it’s going out of range. As I’ve started looking into Microsoft Flow, […]

FetchXML Builder WebAPI Support

MSDyn365 MVP Jonas Rapp threw down a challenge on Twitter last week: True, I’ve been ignoring for too long…If you know some C# and some #MSDyn365 WebAPI queries – please help…! 😊Pull Requests accepted! — Jonas Rapp ᴹᴠᴾ 🇸🇪 (@rappen) March 4, 2019 Since I’d just been doing some work with Web API queries […]