I’ve quietly been releasing minor updates to SQL 4 CDS over the past few weeks, so I thought it was time to do a blog post for an “update roll up”

The changes in this version are largely bug fixes, and I’d like to thank everyone who’s let me know about any problems either with a GitHub issue or a comment on here.

One of the most important (to me) changes is a performance improvement in the Intellisense suggestions. With the latest version of XrmToolBox you might have noticed delays as you type, which this update should fix.

On top of that there’s several bug fixes and improvements:

  • Fix a crash when converting queries from FetchXML Builder that contain a null or not-null filter on a numeric column
  • Warn on queries that use legacy paging and hit the 50,000 record limit
  • Added the CHARINDEX function for string manipulation
  • Add the virtual __name or __type fields from lookup values that were missing after the first 5,000 records.

As always you can update from the XrmToolBox tool store, or if you’re using the SSMS plugin version you can download the latest installer.

2 thoughts on “SQL 4 CDS 4.1.0 Released”

  1. Hi Mark,
    I have a question regarding local times. There is option “Show date/time fields as” available in settings. As far as I see, this option has no effect, result is always shown with UTC times. I’ve read your blog entries regarding TDS endpoint and UTC times, but I’m not using the TDS endpoint. Can you please clarify?


    1. Thanks for reporting this Olaf! It seems this setting only takes effect if the “Show lookup & picklist fields as” setting is set to “Names” rather than “Raw values”. This isn’t intentional. The time zone conversion will be part of the rewrite I’m working on for v5, so I’ll address this as part of that.

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