It’s finally here! We can now use standard Create/Update/Delete operations with virtual entities! There’s a great example to get started over at the Microsoft docs site.

One interesting thing to note is that it’s not an all-or-nothing thing. You can have an entity that supports Create and Retrieve/RetrieveMultiple but not Update or Delete, which is great for cases such as logging.

If you don’t implement a particular operation, just leave that field blank in the Plugin Registration Tool. Dataverse intelligently handles this as you’d hope. If I have a look in the security role editor for example:

the options to grant permissions for Write & Delete are missing. If I create a record in a model driven app:

it immediately becomes read-only

This new update is going to open up a whole world of use-cases for virtual entities that just weren’t there when they were read-only, and I’m looking forward to using them much more!

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