Have you ever been confronted with a permissions error message full of detailed but incomprehensible codes? Something like:

Principal with id 1eab4c02-4ab4-41d5-b1b4-93c9800d68a2 does not have WriteAccess right(s) for record with id e91a57c8-afb0-4fa4-b48f-da4b7ac8bf30 of entity activitypointer...

Check out my latest XrmToolBox tool, Security Debugger! Install it now so it’s ready next time you hit a security error. Simply paste in the error message and it will:

  • highlight the key bits of information in the message
  • decode the message into an explanation of what permission is missing
  • determine what level of permissions would be needed to get rid of the error
  • suggest possible actions to resolve it
  • let you know when the problem is fixed so you can ask the user to try again

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