Ever wanted to use the Posts feature in D365 but worried about missing a message? Enter D365 Posts Bot!

This free bot sends you a message in Teams whenever someone writes a post in D365 that’s linked to you. Just a few quick steps and you can be up and running!

With this in place you can reliably use D365 posts for real-time communication with your team while keeping a history of each conversation in context within D365 against the appropriate record.

You’ll automatically get a notification whenever there’s a new post or reply that:

  • Mentions you or a team you’re in
  • Is part of a thread you’ve posted in
  • Is posted on or mentions a record that’s linked to you (e.g. as the owner) or a team you’re in
  • Is posted on or mentions a record that’s linked to an account that’s linked to you or a team you’re in

You can also register your interest in other records by following them.

Each new post is sent to you in Teams in a helpful format to let you see the post and links to the record it’s posted on. Most importantly, you can reply to the post directly in Teams without having to switch back to D365.

You can get started using this simple quick-start guide. The bot is open source if you prefer to host your own version too.