Inside FetchXML pt 6 – datetime grouping

Last time I looked at aggregates, but unforgivably I missed out how to apply grouping to date/time attributes: Not to forget – data grouping….! 😉 — Jonas #LazyDev Rapp ᴹᴠᴾ 🇸🇪 (@rappen) December 18, 2019 Grouping works quite simply for data types such as text, picklist or lookup values, but a simple grouping of date/time […]

Inside FetchXML pt 3 – filter

So far we’ve looked at using the <attribute> and <link-entity> elements to control what columns to include in your query, but for a truly useful query you’ll likely want to select which rows to include instead of taking everything. Enter <filter>! Filter or Condition? A <filter> is a group of individual <condition>s. Each condition applies […]