CDS T-SQL endpoint pt 5 – EntityFramework / ORM

Now I can reliably connect to the CDS T-SQL endpoint and execute queries against it, I want to get the data into some objects for me to use. I currently use EntityFramework and Dapper for this in other projects, so I’ll take a look at those two. Entity Framework Update 2020-05-24: Microsoft have confirmed that […]

Inside FetchXML pt 10 – link-entity (again)

A follow-up on my previous post on link-entity, prompted by this tweet from Daryl LaBar: Was unaware of the new join operators. @jordimontana @XrmWizard have either of you used these, or know what they are supposed to do? The documentation is rather lacking… — Daryl LaBar (@ddlabar) April 2, 2020 I’d previously stated (incorrectly): FetchXML […]